Winning at Blackjack Just Got Easier!

 Once in a while a product comes around that changes everything and Blackjack Reaper is such a product. Internet PRO Gambler, Gary McKeith made headlines in 2010 when he launched is roulette calculator Roulette Reaper, with its user friendly interface and amazing earning potential are simply miles ahead of any other roulette beating software available on the market today. So naturally when we learned that he is launching a blackjack calculator we were really excited to get our hands on it, and check out if it lives up to the "reaper" brand name and good old Gary was good enough to provide us with a free copy to test it out, and here's what we found out. Firstly, it's incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is select the corresponding cards that you see on an online casino on blackjack reaper. Then blackjack reaper will tell you what action to take. In essence you are playing "perfect blackjack" by not taking any major risks, and should you lose a hand, blackjack reaper will suggest a new amount to bet on the next hand ensuring that you are always in profit for every winning hand. You can earn between £100 – £180 per hour using blackjack reaper, which I think is pretty good going considering it's guaranteed gambling so to speak. However there are a couple of things to be aware of, and that's that you need to use single player blackjack, and you MUST only use one of the casinos that he recommends. The reason for this is that the calculator itself has been built around these casinos only. In short, if you try it at another casino it may not work. So how did we fair with blackjack reaper over a one week period? Pretty darn good actually. We trialled it for 5 hours per day Monday to Friday all in all we clocked up 25 hours work. We were actually playing for pounds sterling as the return was greater than dollars, and we got back a rather attractive £3238.50! To check out Blackjack Reaper visit ....


You could get a free trial version on the launch date which is October 31, 2011 at high noon! (12:00 pm).  Treat yourself
with this money making system.

Win! Win! Win!

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